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  1. Breast cancer remains an important public health problem. This study aimed to investigate about female knowledge of breast cancer and self-reported practice of breast self-examination in Iran.

    Authors: Ali Montazeri, Mariam Vahdaninia, Iraj Harirchi, Amir Mahmood Harirchi, Akram Sajadian, Fatemeh Khaleghi, Mandana Ebrahimi, Shahpar Haghighat and Soghra Jarvandi
    Citation: Asia Pacific Family Medicine 2008 7:6
  2. There have been three influenza pandemics since the 1900s, of which the 1919–1919 flu pandemic had the highest mortality rates. The influenza virus infects both humans and birds, and mutates using two mechanis...

    Authors: GCH Koh, TY Wong, SK Cheong and DSQ Koh
    Citation: Asia Pacific Family Medicine 2008 7:5