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Table 2 Selection criteria

From: A systematic review of burnout among doctors in China: a cultural perspective

Criteria Included Excluded
Publication type Published in peer-reviewed scientific journals
Reporting original research results
Ancient Chinese literature referring to doctor’s integrity and concept of work
Written in English or Chinese
Book chapters, editorials, dissertations, theses and conference abstracts
“Grey” literature (for example, policy advocacies, media or journal comments)
Study design Cross-sectional study design
Quantitative studies providing doctor-specific burnout data using burnout measures with validity support from commonly accepted sources of evidence
Qualitative studies
Studies not providing burnout related data/measurement
Population Practising doctors
Practice in Mainland China
Non-doctors (medical students, and non-doctor health care providers such as nurses and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners were excluded)
Practice not within China (Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan were excluded due to different medical systems)