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Table 2 Consultation information

From: Describing the factors that influence the process of making a shared-agenda in Japanese family physician consultations: a qualitative study

Doctor information Case information Patient information
Doctor ID Sex Years in practice Chief complaint Patient ID Age Sex Occupation
D1 Female 4 The diarrhea caused by bacterial infection M1 69 Male Retired
D2 Male 2 Throbbing of the chest, Irritation, Depression F1 59 Female Housewives
D3 Female 4 Hypertension F2 51 Female Office worker
D1 Female 4 Routine screening for breast cancer, Numbness of joints F3 56 Female Independent business
D4 Female 4 Swelling of the finger F4 46 Female Teacher
D4 Female 4 Phlegm obstructing the throat F5 63 Female Housewives
D5 Male 17 Caisson disease F6 25 Female Medical representative
D6 Male 3 Stomachache M7 49 Male Policeman
D4 Female 4 Increased urinary frequency M8 36 Male Factory worker
D7 Male 12 Venous inflammation of the lower leg, Collagen disease F9 53 Female Housewives
D6 Male 3 Abnormal swelling of the lower body F10 50 Female Housewives
D5 Male 17 Nausea, “strange feeling” in stomach, listlessness M11 26 Male Builder
D5 Male 17 Brain disease, exhausting F12 20 Female Nursing student
D2/D7 Male/male 2/12 Hypertension; unusual findings on examination F13 53 Female Worker
D8 Male 34 Gastric cancer, gastric ulcer F14 68 Female Housewives