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Table 1 Alternative title for CHWs in various countries

From: Traditional Birth Attendance (TBA) in a health system: what are the roles, benefits and challenges: A case study of incorporated TBA in Timor-Leste

Title Country
Activista Mozambique
Agente comunitario de salud Peru
Agente comunitário de saúde Brazil
Anganwadi India
Animatrice Haiti
Barangay health worker Philippines
Basic health worker India
Brigadista Nicaragua
Colaborador voluntario Guatemala
Community drug distributor Uganda
Community health agent Ethiopia
Community health promoter various countries
Community health representative various countries
Community health volunteer Malawi
Community health worker various countries
Community nutrition worker India
Community resource person Uganda
Female community health volunteer Nepal
Female multipurpose health worker Nepal
Health promoter various countries
Kader Indonesia
Lady health worker Pakistan
Maternal and child health worker Nepal
Monitora Honduras
Mother coordinator Ethiopia
Outreach educator various countries
Paramedical worker India
Promotora Honduras
Rural health motivator Swaziland
Shastho shebika Bangladesh
Shastho karmis (leaders of shastho shebika) Bangladesh
Sevika Nepal
Traditional birth attendant various countries
Village drug-kit manager Mali
Village health helper Kenya
Village health worker various countries
  1. Adapted from Lehmann and Sanders [8].