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Table 4 Career and occupations known to apply a colour vision standard

From: Subjects with colour vision deficiency in the community: what do primary care physicians need to know?

NORMAL COLOUR VISION Commercial airline pilots, air traffic controllers, technical and maintenance staff at airports, aircraft pilots and engineers in the armed services, naval officers, submarine personnel, masters and watchkeepers on merchant marine vessels, customs and excise officers, train drivers, railway engineers and maintenance staff; workers in industrial colour quality assurance and colour matching, workers in fine art reproduction and photography, some electrical and electronic engineers
COLOUR VISION STANDARD APPLIED BUT ACCEPTS SOME WITH SLIGHT CVD Fire fighters, police officers, some electrical and electronic engineers, some ranks in the armed services, hospital laboratory technicians, merchant seamen
OCCUPATIONS WHERE CVD IS A DISADVANTAGE AND COLOUR VISION STANDARD MAY APPLY Art teaching, bacteriology, botany, chemistry, interior design, histopathology, horticulture, geology, diamond grading, metallurgy