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Table 3 Definitions of individuals and organisations found in the literature review

From: Developing a teaching research culture for general practice registrars in Australia: a literature review

GP A General Practitioner who is a registered medical practitioner who is qualified and competent for general practice. Synonymous with Family Practitioner in the literature from North America.
GP Registrar A GP who is undertaking training, education, and experience in general practice. Synonymous with a GP Trainee, or resident in literature from North America.
GP Educator A GP employed to design and participate in a General Practice Training Program [GPTP] and takes on the role of a clinical educator. Synonymous with a Program Director who is usually a GP Educator who manages and directs a GPTP.
GP Supervisor A GP with responsibility for registrar training in the clinical setting. Often takes on a mentorship role. Synonymous with a GP Trainer.
GPTP General Practice Training Program. Synonymous with General Practice Vocational Training Program. An organisation providing general practice vocational training. In a number of countries, such organisations are accredited for this purpose by GP Colleges. Synonymous with Residency Training Program in the literature from North America.
Academic Staff A person who is employed by a university to teach and do research. Synonymous with Faculty Staff.
An Academic Department A department within a University that teaches medical students enrolled for a primary medical degree. Such departments are often involved with medical student general practice placement. In north America many Residency Training Programs are located within Academic Departments.
Student A medical student enrolled with a University to gain a primary medical degree