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Table 1 Actions taken in reviewing the literature exploring the relationship between GP registrars, GP educators, teaching and research using MEDLINE, websites, and key informants

From: Developing a teaching research culture for general practice registrars in Australia: a literature review

Literature review actions Number of references
Initial search of MEDLINE 1996–2007* 302
Two reviewers culled 302 titles and abstracts 34
Two reviewers culled 34 printed references for relevance 20
Review of the reference lists from the 20 relevant references 35
Review of six websites:  
   AGPN 7 books
   AGPT 9 policy documents
Discussion with key informants 0
Emerging themes were extracted by one reviewer 51
  1. * Key words for the search strategy included general practice OR family practice; general practice OR research; teaching OR education. The term supervisor did not add any new references and therefore was excluded.